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Student Teaching at the Boston Latin School

Mr. McCluskey hard at work...

The Boston Latin School

I completed my student teaching practicum at the Boston Latin School, the oldest school in America. I started teaching in late February and finished up in May. For the majority of my 11 weeks there, I taught two Algebra II courses and one Algebra I course; my students were freshmen and sophomores. Every day was a unique learning experience: from dealing with discipline to making math both understandable and enjoyable. Here's some pictures of my last days as a student teacher...


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Section 1

Here is Mr. Power - he was nice enough to watch my students take a test on probability while I took their snapshots. L-R: Matthew, Nydjie, Jackie, Jillian, Joanna, Sian, Genna, and Chivon. L-R: Pierre, Danielle, Adeola, Laurie, Tina, Katty, Sin Lei, and Richard.
L-R: Nathaniel, Dinh Phat, Annette, Kashif, Lyzz, Matthew, Adrian, and Nydjie. L-R: Katty, Richard, Vincent, Julie, Feyisara, Nakesha, and Jackie.
Koriana, Michelle, and Denise posing with a random project. Why is this test so HARD?!?!?!

Section 2

What my mornings were like; though we usually had less donuts... L - R: Jennifer, Spencer, Patricia, Judith, Cynthia, Jessica, Katuscia, and Bianca (without Pooh).
L-R: Mariel, Blanca, Jennifer, and Christine These ladies are not camera shy! L-R: Patricia, Alana, Iolanda, Katy, Sze Nga, and Yvenise.
Sze Nga, and an *attempt* to get a photo of Nnenna.

Section 3

There's Aimee, always smiling! The infamous ladies in the back. L-R: Simone, Miriam, Erin, Sinbiat, Gracie, Thrisha, and Dany.
Mr. McCluskey and Gracie taking a break from the farewell party to do an in-depth probability problem! L-R: Bridget, Laura, Mark, Josh, Kathryn, and Catherine.

Section 7

The Section 7 Crew

Miscellaneous Snaps

Yes, functions do make me smile! Paula Demore and Gerry Power, my cooperating teacher... in their ever-tidy office!
Room 312: I used this as my office, since I had no homeroom. Here's the view from my office!

Ryan Q. McCluskey

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