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Rita and Dave are playing a card game. Dave deals Rita two cards (from a standard deck of 52 cards) face up. Rita must bet if the next card dealt lies between the two cards. In this game, a 10 is considered to be "between" a 9 and a queen. (An ace is the highest card).

Dave deals Rita the following two cards:

4 of clubs ??? 9 of hearts

Rita has $10. How much do you think she should bet that she will win the game?

It would be a good idea to examine what her chances of winning the game are. Dave has a total of 50 cards left. Of these, there are 16 cards between 4 and 9: each of the four suits has a 5, 6, 7, and 8. Therefore, 16 out of 50 cards will win Rita's bet.

Dave starts again with a full deck, and deals Rita these two cards:

6 of diamonds ??? King of Spades

Should Rita bet more money with this scenario? Is she more likely to win?

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