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Discrete Math

Solving the N-Queens Problem (Java)
The N-Queens problem asks, "How can you place n Queens on an n-by-n chessboard so that no one Queen may capture another?" This webpage shows a nice way to solve the problem.

Erich's Packing Center
This webstie deals with the integration of combinatorics and geometry.

The Water Puzzle
An interactive "pouring" puzzle with applications to graph theory.

Around the Dartboard
An interesting combinatorical analysis of the dartboard.

Amazing Mathematical Object Factory
This website "generates" different types of mathematical objects and discusses different aspects of combinatorics.


The Birthday Problem (Java)
A problem which will boggle your mind... definately worth investigating!

The Monty Hall/Three Door Problem
This problem has caused much controversy ever since it appeared in Marilyn vos Savant's column in Parade; explore it for yourself at this site!

Buffon's Needle Problem (Java)
Pi is a fascinating number, and this website has an interactive probability experiment that approximates it.

The Cereal Box Problem
A nice problem to introduce the aspect of expected value in probability.

Music Probability Project
Lorraine Fielding integrates mathematics and Mozart at this musical website.

Math Resources

Ask Dr. Math
Dr. Math answers math questions via email for grades K-12 - very good site!

Biographies of Mathematicians
Learn more about your favorite mathmaticians!

The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
A good place to find mathematical definitions and general information.

The Cornell Math and Science Gateway
Good source for Math Links

Math Archives Server

Yahoo's Mathematics Links

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