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Is Rita more likely to win?

6 of diamonds ??? King of Spades

Rita is more likely to win in this scenario! This makes sense, since there are 24 cards that are between 6 and King out of the total 50 cards left.

The probability of an event occuring is the ratio of the total ways an event may occur to the number of possible equally likely outcomes.

Probability of an event = # of ways the event can occur
# of possible equally likely outcomes

Note: the probability of a certain event, E, is usually written P(E).

The probability that Rita's third card is between a 6 and a King is 24 / 50 = .48. The 24 signifies the number of ways she may get a card between 6 and King, and the 50 represents the number of possible cards that may be chosen. Notice that .48 is really close to one half (.5) – Rita will win this scenario about half the time.

Example Rita deals Dave the two cards below. What is the probability that he will win the game?

5 of spades ??? Jack of hearts

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